We were approached by the customer, who wanted to have special build. He wanted to have a reliable Remington R5 RGP build. He gaves us some pics. We agreed on the parts used:

  • Base gun – DBoys BI-3581M Airsoft replica
  • A/B mosfet
  • 16 AWG Alpha wires
  • Sorbopad
  • RA Alu piston head
  • RA Alu nozzle with oring
  • RA full rack piston
  • ZCI barrel wit s-hop & porting
  • Lonex hopup unit
  • Magpul CTR stock
  • 13″ Guardian rail by APS
  • Magpul flipup sights

Gun is expected to shoot about 16/18 rounds per second on 7.4 stick battery at ~330 FPS. Updates to come on the outcome.